Adjustable Chassis Technology

Adjustable Chassis Technology

I spoke about the design advantages in my first independent front suspension “IFS” article. In this article I will review the field test results from the 2015 season. We built 2 independent front suspensions for field testing during the 2015 season. One suspension was installed on Top Priority “Prible Pulling Team” superfarm which lead to the NTPA Grand National Super Farm Points Championship for 2015. The other IFS was installed on Hara’s Turbodacious Light Pro-Stock

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. Turbodacious was a consistent 7th to 8th place tractor before the IFS. After the IFS was installed the tractor became a consistent top 5. After making the first pass with the IFS Travis commented “It hooks so much faster off of the starting line”. As you can see in the attached videos the front end will start to lift on the starting line and sets the tires before the sled starts to move. Also pay attention to the before and after videos how the tractor would bounce the front end at the 200 to 250 foot mark before the IFS. After IFS was installed if it did bounce at 200 to 250 foot it was cushioned and did not lose velocity of the sled and tractor moving forward. Field testing has been completed with no failures. We also was able to narrow the width of the front axle by 6” from the first IFS which was installed on Top Priority. We did this by offsetting the rim by 3” per side when the IFS was installed on Turbodacious.

To make the ordering process transparent for our customers we have created an order form which is available on the website We also created very in depth installation instructions on how to install the IFS kit. The installation instruction will be available on our tech page. We will offer the IFS with hydraulic steering as the standard kit. This can be deleted if customers want to install their own rack and pinion. We felt the hydraulic steering is more user friendly. It is always a challenge installing rack and pinion and trying to snake the steering shaft from the steering wheel to the rack and pinion. Also the cost of the hydraulic steering is comparable when compared to the labor and material cost of rack/pinion.

Now that we have completed the IFS we are ready to focus on the chassis which will be on a track in 2016. This is a modular design and will incorporate the IFS and several features that will allow adjustability of the chassis. Adjustable Chassis Technology will be the future of tractor pulling.

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