Wipe Out Enterprises Design Service

Wipe Out Enterprises will be offering a Design Service. We are equipped with Soildworks CAD Software for 3D molding of parts. We employ certified solid works engineers that can Design you part to your specifications…

Wipe Out Enterprises Tractor Pulling

Wipe Out Enterprises Specializes in International And Allis-Chalmers Pulling tractors and Parts. Here at Wipe Out We do It All. From Complete Engines, Transmission, Rear-Ends, and Complete Turn Key Tractors. We also sell part for tractors from Farm Stock Up to Super Stock…

About Wipe Out Enterprises

In 1986 Wipe Out Pulling team was formed. The orignal team included myself, my father Paul and my mother Sherri. We competed for several years in the Pro Stock Class and won Hoosier State and Regional/National Points…

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