Larry Sheets Tractor Pulling

Larry Sheets

Puller Name: Larry Sheets
Tractor Name: Red Rider
Class: Limted Pro Stock
– Bowling Green Super Farm Ring Winner, 2010
– OSTPA Super Farm Points Winner, 2012
– 3rd In Super Farm Finals @ Louisville Pull, 2011
– Puller of the Year OSPTA, 2012
Associations: OSTPA Light/Limited Pro Stock Class for 2014

“I started with Wipeout building my Super Farm in 2009. All of my accomplishments would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of the Wipeout Enterprise team of Dave, Josh and Ben.”

Jared & Jed Nussbaum

Jared & Jed Nussbaum

Puller Name: Jared & Jed Nussbaum
Tractor Name: Widow Wax Gutless General
Class: HSTPA and NTPA Region II Light Pro Stock
– Win at Boswell IN 2013
– 2nd at Arcola 2013
– 2nd at Greenville 2013
– 2nd at Gorydville 2015

“When Dave reached out to us a few years back and wanted to help us build an Orange One, he elevated us to a much higher level of competition. His technical advice has been incredible and his team is very responsive to my needs! It’s a great partnership.”

Jeff Fussner Tractor Pulling

Jeff Fussner

Puller Name: Jeff Fussner
Tractor Name: Busted Budget
Class: Light Pro
– Won a Couple NTPA Region 2 Light Pro Pulls, Arcola
– 2nd @ Greenville NTPA Region 2 Light Pro, 2013

“Wipeout has been instrumental in building our light prostock into a very competitive tractor. We have done business with Wipeout for several years and they have always treated us fairly and worked hard to keep us very competitive.”

RD Carpenter Tractor Pulling

Richard Carpenter

Puller Name: Richard Carpenter
Tractor Name: Buckeye Stinger
Class: Light Pro
– 2nd @ Kenton OSTPA / 3rd NTPA Region 2 Arcola
Associations: OSTPA light/limited prostock class for 2014

“Honest, tell you the truth, excellent service, good people, do what they say!”

Travis Tilton Tractor Pulling

Travis Tilton

Puller Name: Travis Tilton
Tractor Name: Always Someth$n
Class: Light Pro
– 2013 Rookie & Puller of the Year

“Wipeout has always delivered excellent customer service. They answer the phone or call back whenever I call. They are also good at working with you within your budget to give you the best combination possible.”

Tim Ammons Tractor Pulling

Tim Ammons

Puller Name: Tim Ammons
Tractor Name: Relined Harvestor
Class: PPL Prostock
Associations: PPL East Coast Pullers LLC

“Dave has always given great technical advice about the specifics of my ProStock. The parts he sells are always of the highest quality because of the testing he does. In addition, they answer my phone calls.”

Andy Hurst Tractor Pulling

Andy Hurst

Puller Name: Andy Hurst
Tractor Name: Custom Harvester
Class: Light Pro
– 2013 points champion
Associations: COTPA

“They always call me back in a timely manner. They understand my tractor and class and stay up on the latest and greatest trends. Top notch organization.”

Todd Kendle Tractor Pulling

Todd Kendle

Puller Name: Todd Kendle
Tractor Name: How Ya Like Me Now
Class: Classic Super Stock
– 2013 USA East Champ
– 2010 COTPA Points Champ
– 2013 Gordyville Winner
– Dekalb Super Pull Winner 2014, 2013, 2012
Associations: COTPA

“Wipeout supplies top of line products. They understand how various part combinations work and offer great customer support. They stand by their work.”

Dru Gilliland Tractor Pulling

Dru L. Gilliland

Puller Name: Dru L. Gilliland
Tractor Name: Load The Wagon
Class: Light Pro
Associations: Region II & Hosier State

“I know that when I call Wipeout, they will have the parts I need and get them to me fast. They also stand behind their work and do the right thing.”

Larry Black Tractor Pulling

Larry Black

Puller Name: Larry Black
Tractor Name: Endless Torment
Class: Light Pro
– 2013 Limited Pro Stock Winner @ Gordyville
– 2014 Keystone Nationals 2nd place
Associations: NTPA Region 2

“Dave and Wipeout just don’t build your motor and send you on your way, they work tirelessly to support you and make your tractor more durable and powerful. They always answer my calls and get parts to me in timely manner.”

Robert Pryor Tractor Pulling

Robert Pryor

Puller Name: Robert Pryor
Tractor Name: Night Rider
Class: Super Farm
– Won Points Last 4 yrs
Associations: MTTPA

“Motor 4 years old. Done on time and parts were delivered and people call back. I wouldn’t have had the success I’ve had with out Dave and Wipeout!”

Kendall Beasley

Puller Name: Kendall Beasley
Tractor Name: Hi-Gear Harvester
Class: Light Pro
– NTPA Region 4 Super Stock Points Champion
– Carolina Truck & Tractor Pullers Light Pro/Super Farm Points Champion
– UPOC Light Pro Points Champion
Associations: NTPA, Ohio State, UPOC & Carolina Truck & Tractor Pullers

“After traveling from Carolina to compete in the Light Pro stock class in region 2 and the Ohio State Light Limited Class, it
was very obvious that Wipe Out has put together the right combination to be very competitive. After seeing this, I went to
Wipe Out for the right combination of parts. Nice guys who work very hard to be on top.”

Mike Prible Tractor Pulling

Mike Prible

Puller Name: Mike Prible
Tractor Name: Top Priority
Class: Super Farm
– Louisville Winner 2015
– 3rd @ Bowling Green 2013
– 2 yrs ago 3rd in NTPA Region 2
– 3yrs ago Won HSPTA Points & Puller Of The Year
– 2nd In AL in 2013 GN NTPA
Associations: NTPA Grand National and HSTPA

“Dave and Wipeout have always been there for me. They go out of their way to support me during the season. They are very timely in getting parts to me.”

Rick Heffelfinger Tractor Pulling

Rick Heffelfinger

Puller Name: Rick Heffelfinger
Tractor Name: “Wolf”
Class: OSPTA Light/Limited Pro Stock
– Points champion 2013
Associations: OSTPA

Travis Hara Tractor Pulling

Travis Hara

Puller Name: Travis Hara
Tractor Name: Turbodacious
Class: NTPA Region 2 Light Pro/OSTPA Light/Limited Pro Stock
– Ft. Recovery 2013
– Dover 2013

“2nd to none in professionalism and if you want the best, go with Wipe Out!”

Kevin Utt Tractor Pulling

Kevin Utt

Puller Name: Kevin Utt
Tractor Name: Rolling Thunder
Class: Mod Turbo
– 2013 Was First Year Pulling & We Finished 6th In Points. Have 3 Wins In 2014.
Associations: Interstate Pullers

“The heart of our engine comes from Wipe Out. We’ve been very pleased with
how the parts work for our class.”

Matt Durbin Tractor Pulling

Matt Durbin

Puller Name: Matt Durbin
Tractor Name: