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Our Dyno Room

In order to fulfill our mission of building the most durable and powerful diesel tractors in the sport of tractor pulling, Wipe Out Dyno Services(WODS) was opened in December of 2014. Our state-of-the-art dyno facility was developed with attention to detail and emphasizing the customer experience.

The control room is very comfortable with a large screen TV monitor that displays live data from dyno runs. There is also a computer monitor in the control room with 4 live video feeds including outside to see smoke color. Also present in control room is a microwave and fridge. The dyno is a 6,000 horsepower 7,500RPM twin rotor from Land and Sea. The dyno room is complete with various overhead lifts and tools for easy change of various parts. TV screens also reside in the dyno room so engine vitals can be monitored during start up and idle. At Wipe Out, we pride ourselves in having the cleanest dyno facility in the country.

Our first dyno success story happened shortly after the dyno opening. We built and dynoed Mike Prible’s Super Farm”Top Priority” for the 2015 National Farm Machinery Show. Mike won his Friday class and made the pull off in the finals and placed 2nd in the pull off. We were blessed to have such wonderful results right out of the gate.

The real value of our dyno facility is the research and development that leads to Wipe Outs Intellectual Property. Our Intellectual Property is the proprietary data that represents all the different combinations of parts and engine parameters that yield specific horsepower and torque numbers. Parts are parts, but knowing the recipe on what parts work the best is the true value in a dyno shop.

Highlights Of The Wipe Out Dyno Experience

  • Dyno plan specific for customer needs
  • Over 25 years of engine building experience
  • Professional and clean dyno staff and shop
  • Your dyno results are confidential


Minimum $500 for
Setup & Tear Down
(with customer support)
$125 per Wide
Open Throttle
(with customer support)
$72 per hour and $125 per
Wide Open Throttle
(without customer support)
Dyno Room
Dyno Room
Dyno Room

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